Survival Equipment 2012: survival of the fittest!

You would have often heard about the theory “survival of the fittest.” What do you think it is? It is indeed something that people will experience perhaps in 2012. With the world economy shattering continuously and environmental signals reportedly being given, it is actually difficult to neglect the 2012 prophecies. According to the Mayan calendar, the doomsday will arrive on December 21, 2012. Definitely it is hard to believe what it would be like, but it not difficult to believe that only the fittest might survive the 2012 doomsday. We are talking about the survival equipment.

How can it help you?

First of all, it would not be wrong to say that when the real big day arrives, everything will be in a mess. You might not know anything and this would only make your life more unbearable and difficult. So what should be done? 2012 survival equipment can perhaps help you. With the preparation already being done, you will save your life as well as the life of your near and dear ones. You can go for 2012 supplies that will save you from this doomsday.

What 2012 survival equipment can be bought?

The question is how will you know what equipment should be bought as a preparation step for 2012? Many people ask this question. So here is a small list of what you might require on the doomsday of 2012:

•        Gas masks

•        Knives and multi-tools

•        Survival food and water

•        Backpacks

•        Propane

•        Videos or DVDs

•        Weaponry

•        Cookers and stoves

•        Flashlights

•        Lanterns

•        Candles

•        Heaters

•        Archery

 These things can indeed help you in increasing your survival rate.

Why not to ignore 2012 prophecies?

You might not be thinking about 2012 prophecies too seriously, but there are ample reasons why you should! The very first reason is Mayan calendar. According to this calendar, there is no date beyond December 21, 2012. Secondly, the scientists fear an apocalypse due to increased solar activities in 2012 which might lead to complete destruction of Earth. Scientists suggest that latest by 2012, Earth might enter the black hole or there can be collision with another planet called, Planet X. finally, the most evident of all reasons is occurrence of such events that make you confirm about 2012. Economic meltdown in Europe and America, revolutions leading to complete destructions and environmental activities in the year 2011, all these suggest or indicate towards an uproar that might occur in 2012.

Using 2012 supplies can help

By using the 2012 supplies and being prepared for this disaster, you can somehow remain positive. By buying food and water for at least some days, you can definitely increase your chances of survival in 2012.  It can help you remain composed, at least with your family in the most difficult times.

Commonly selling 2012 equipment

Here is a list of the items or 2012 equipment that is being sold maximum:

•        Hammer tool

•        Pocket knife

•        Dish heater

•        Respirator

•        Emergency crank radio

By being aware about these things, you can stand up to the theory of “survival of the fittest.”

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